How To Stop Bookmakers Closing Your Account

Although it is practically impossible to stop a bookmaker closing your account, it is possible to limit the chances of this happening.

If a bookie wants to close your account there is nothing we can do to prevent that, but we can try and reduce the chances of getting our accounts monitored and possibly closed.

Bookmakers don’t like a number of things – mainly punters who win, arbers, and people who open accounts with them just to get the welcome offer (free bet).

Here I’m going to concentrate on the free bets. You may ask why should I care, as I’m only going to get the free bet and move onto the next bookie?

Well, you should care as the following bookmakers all offer existing customers regular free bets.

By keeping these bookmakers thinking we are mug punters (meaning they want our custom), we can keep on cashing in on the regular free bets.

I see it all the time in bookie’s terms and conditions, that offers aren’t valid in certain countries due to free bet abuse. And it is in all the bookies terms and conditions that they will withdraw current offers if they are abused, etc.

This shows they are hot on free bet abuse, so we want to avoid getting our accounts monitored if possible.

Hopefully your qualifying bet and your free bet will both lose, and the money will end up in your Betfair account. If it doesn’t and you have to withdraw it, try and leave £10.00 or £15.00 in your bookie account for mug bets.

Mug bets can come via a variety of different methods. They are the bets that the bookies want us to place, such as long shots on horses, long shot football accumulator bets, etc. These is a reason why these are such long odds, and that is because they rarely win, so the more we place these bets, the more money the bookmakers make.

When the occasional mug bet wins (for a punter), the loses are more than outweighed by all the mug bets that lose. Why do you think there is such a battle going on amongst the bookmakers for acca bets? It’s because they make so much money out of them.

There is currently an acca insurance war going on between the bookmakers, you can’t fail to get a refund, or a win bonus on an acca bet these days. In fairness, not all acca bets are mug bets. If you go about it the right way they can be profitable, but that means picking the right matches, having minimal teams in your acca, and making sure you have an acca insurance refund offer included – so you have a ‘no lose’ option included in your bet.

Leave a few quid in your bookie account and have an acca bet every now and again. Bookies regard punters like this as mug punters, which they love, as they know that the horse will lose, and someone will knacker up your acca bet, and the bookies then make their easy money.

To ensure you can look like a mug bet without losing any money, you can lay your bets on the Betfair Betting Exchange. This means you should break even or at the worst lose a few pence doing this, but it is worth it in the long run if you get an offer like the £50.00 free bet from bet365 every few months, etc.

Also make sure when you place a bet with your bookie, it is a round figure, ie £20.00 or £25.00. The last thing you want to do is start placing bets for £16.61, and making yourself look like an arber or a matched bettor. Leave the pence to Betfair, and make sure the round figures are placed with the bookmakers.

If you are thinking how can I lay an accumulator bet? Well, it is possible, but it does take a bot of working out. You will need to pick matches at staggered intervals. ie, a Friday night fixture, an early Saturday match, a late Saturday match, a Sunday match.

If your acca matches are staggered, then the matches can be layed individually as they are played. So if you lay the Friday match, and it loses, you’ve already covered your acca bet. You acca bet will have lost with the bookmaker (keeping them happy), and you will have got your money back on Betfair – meaning everyone’s happy.

Do these sort of bets every now and again, and it should keep your account from being monitored too closely. The trick is to try and make yourself look like a mug punter, not a shrewd one. Sounds odd, but it is the secret to help keeping your account active and the free bets rolling in.

And finally, try and limit your withdrawals. Don’t keep withdrawing, if you have a wedge in there and you need it, by all means withdraw it.

If you can leave a few quid in there for mug bets though, then great. Even if they win, just keep placing them, as the majority will lose in the long run – making you look like a mug punter!

If you have few quid in there, then maybe top it up to a round figure for your next mug bet. There is no problem there as bookies love deposits from mug punters.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stop Bookmakers Closing Your Account”

  1. How about the bonus bet bet365 offered me deposit £400 and get a £100.00 bonus bet to qualify you then have to settled bets to the value of three times your qualifying deposit and bonus before making a withdrawal you would think that would be easy if you are betting between £50.00 and £60.00 a day as I but no because bet365 only counts part of it between £3.00 and £9.00 towards the settle bet so that means I cannot Rollover the deposit and bonus within the 90 days they give you to doit in 50.00 and £60.00 a day but it took about 44 days to get that point now I have to make £1500.00 of qualifying bets to get the bonus but if your only using part of my daily bets towards the qualifying bets it will take me about another 132 days to be able to bet the bonus Bet365 are scammers and crooks.

    1. What offer is this you are on about? Is it a Casino offer?

      I don’t understand how they can only count £3 to £9 a day, if you are betting between £50 and £60 a day???

      What is their justification for this? Have you asked them?

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