Reasons Online Bingo Is So Popular

Reasons why Online Bingo is so Popular – When the idea of playing bingo online was first mooted, there was plenty of scepticism shown, with plenty predicting that it wouldn’t work.

The stereotypical bingo player wasn’t regarded as someone who would embrace the online world, and wouldn’t be prepared to swap their dusty old bingo hall to play online instead. Fast forward 20 years, and while that sceptical view proved to be correct, online bingo is thriving. 

Why, though? Here we look at the main reasons. 

Why is Online Bingo so popular in the UK? 

There are several reasons why online bingo is so popular in the UK, they are:-

  • Simple Game to Play
  • Trusted Brands
  • Assessable 24 Hours a Day
  • The Bingo Community 
  • Bingo New Customer Offers
  • Loyalty Bonuses 

Below we take a look at these points in more detail.

Bingo is a Simple Game to Play

Whether online or in a dusty old social club concert room, the game of bingo is easy to play and understand. 

Online it gets even easier. You sometimes don’t have to even check your own numbers, the software does it for you. And when you do need to check your numbers, if you make a mistake the software will help you out.

Playing online bingo ensures you won’t miss another house because you weren’t listening, or Elsie or Albert was talking. 

Trusted Brands

One of the main benefits of online bingo in the UK is so popular is that all the big brands want a piece of the action. For example, it’s not just Gala offering online bingo, it’s everyone from the Sun and Mirror newspapers, to Heart Radio. The best online sportsbooks also offer bingo on their platforms.

Now you might not like the stories in either newspaper or the music on Heart, but the chances are you’ve heard of them all. Whatever anybody thinks of them, we know that they aren’t some dodgy start-up that will be here today and gone tomorrow – with your money! 

You can also be assured that such well-known brands will be fully UK-licensed and regulated. And that your cash and personal details are as safe there, as they are with any other reputable institution. 

Online Bingo is Assessable 24 Hours a Day

While traditional bingo halls have opening and closing times, online bingo sites are available 24 hours a day. 

With advancements in technology playing on a handheld mobile device is now a good user experience. This means you can now play whilst chilling on your sofa, or even whilst waiting for a train or bus.

Players can play online bingo on mobile whilst doing almost anything – at home watching TV, 

The Bingo Community 

Social Interaction is important, whether that be face to face, or online. Luckily these days bingo chat rooms or forums are just like another version of social media.

This makes finding new friends or acquaintances easier. Whilst if you have like-minded buddies or family members, you can invite them over to join in as well. You never know, you could even make yourself a few quid if the bingo site has a refer a friend program. 

Online Bingo New Customer Offers

Online bingo sites are great for giving away new customer offers to get us playing with them. 

Nearly every site will give you a welcome bonus of some sort. It could be a 100% deposit match-up; something like if you deposit £10, the casino will give you £10. Or it could be a certain amount of free bingo games. 

This is another feature that makes online bingo so appealing in the UK. You may get a deal down at your local bingo hall, but it won’t beat the hundreds of pounds worth of offers available online. 

Loyalty Bonuses and Free Games

A lot of online bingo sites will give away daily offers and loyalty bonuses. The daily offers could be 2 for 1 bingo cards at certain times of the day (usually when quiet), or they could even be free games for players who hit certain trigger points.

Some UK bingo sites offer rewards to players for loyalty. These could be weekly or monthly and are designed to keep you playing on that particular site. 

If you are a regular player it is a good idea to shop around for the online bingo site offering the best loyalty rewards. If you’re going to be playing anyway, you may as well get rewarded for it.

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