When Will Online Casinos Launch in New York?

A growing number of US states have recently made moves to legalize and regulate online gambling rather than banning it outright. Since the 90s, people have been able to sign up at online casinos and betting sites, placing real money wagers and winning cash. Over the years, these sites have improved a lot, offering a wider range of games and options. However, they’ve been mostly banned across the United States.

Only in the last few years have attitudes from lawmakers towards these betting sites changed. Now, several US states have legalized online casino gaming, starting with New Jersey in 2013. Other states are currently in the process of regulating online casinos, establishing new laws that will ensure these sites operate safely and fairly.

Online sports betting finally came to New York in 2022. Although currently, this is the only way New Yorkers can legally gamble online. Currently, there are no plans for NY casinos online, but this could change in the future. With online sports betting now available, lawmakers will be able to see how much tax revenue legal gambling can generate.

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How Will Online Casinos Work in New York?

New York online casinos will most likely work just as in other states. New Jersey, which legalized online casinos back in 2013, is a great example. The state controls the casino industry with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This organization provides licenses to sites that meet the requirements, and a certain percentage of all revenue is paid in tax to the state.

If online casinos are legalized in New York, they will most likely follow a similar model. First, the New York State Gaming Commission will approve licenses. Once a casino operator has its license approved, it can launch and accept players across the state. Players will be able to sign up, providing their personal details and ID to verify that they’re at least 21.

Legalizing New York Casinos

In some states, online gambling is only available once a player has registered their account in person. It’s unlikely that New York will follow this method, as it wasn’t used for online sportsbooks in NY. It’s unclear which sites would launch, but some of the most popular casinos in other states are most likely. This would include the likes of BetMGM, DraftKings, and Caesars.

One thing to note is that if online casinos are legalized in New York, it could take a long time before they actually go live. Checking and approving licenses can take many months, as seen when the state legalized online sports betting. A similar wait could be in store for NY gamblers. But many online casinos will allow users to sign up pre-launch, gaining access to exclusive rewards.

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