Free Bet Bagged

Not much activity to report this weekend, I had no luck with the £25 worth of risk free offers from William Hill, but I did manage to bag myself a £50 Free Bet with Betfred.

I played through all my Hill’s offers on Saturday, there was the usual £10 Casino offer (email invitation only this week), a £5 offer to play the slots with Top Trumps which ran all day Saturday, and there still is a £10 offer to play Harry Trotter – which ends on 15th May, more info can be found here…..

To claim my Betfred free bet I had £50 on Lazio to beat Inter at 6/4, the odds on Inter were trading at 2.54 – 2.56 to lay on Betfair, which I thought was probably as good a match as I would find for my qualifying bet. It cost me £2.31 to match my bet, but I’ll make that back as a bare minimum when it comes to using my £50 free bet.

I was a bit annoyed after placing my Lazio lay, as within 30 seconds they had gone sub 2.5 which meant I could have just about managed to scratch my qualifying bet, but never mind, I suppose these things will happen.

The other thing that annoyed me was that Lazio went on to win, when doing these qualifying bets it’s far more convenient when the Betfair side of the trade wins. As I had backed Lazio to win on Betfred, it now means all the £125 is sitting in the Betfred account, when it would be far better for me when it comes to laying my free bet to have the money in Betfair.

It’s also better when you lose with the bookies, as they will have you down as a mug punter and might throw more free offers at you to entice you back to them to waste your ‘hard earned.’

Anyway, moan over and I now have 30 days to use my free bet, so plenty of time to keep my eye open for a good value opportunity :))

There are free bets available with all the bookmakers listed in the column on the right hand side of this website. These can be used to bet free with by customers opening new accounts.

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