A lesson in how not too do things

Last weekend I wrote about how I fully expected to take the Risk Free Profit Bank to over the £200 mark over that weekend – and so I bloody should have done.

I did intend to to cash in a couple of free bets that I never got around to. But the main reason why I was so confident of reaching this milestone was due to the £50 Free Bet offer from Bet365 to be used in-running during the Manchester City V Manchester United match.

Yes, this generous offer was supposed to make me an easy £20-£30, so why didn’t it?

Well, the reason is because I let that old foe that is ‘greed’ take over and I also let my guard down with regard to my discipline as the gambler in me took over.

I matched my qualifying bet at a small loss of £2.70 on Sunday night, to make sure I was totally prepared come Monday. I then spent Monday deciding what bet to look to cash in on during the match.

I came up with an idea that if there was an early goal I would back Under 2.5 goals as I expected a tight game. If there was no early goal, then I would wait until HT to re-evaluate to situation.

After a lively-ish start to the match I got an idea in my head that there might be a couple of goals in the offing here, so as soon as Over 2.5 goals touched 2/1, I put the £50 on Overs.

I then watched and waited wondering if I had done my (risk free) dough as reality kicked in and I thought 0-0 or 1-0 either way again. Then bang on HT, I get my goal.

This is great, I can now trade out for a massive £50 risk free profit no matter what happens in the remainder of the match.

So what do I do? First I lay my £2.70 back to cover my qualifying bet, with the intention of getting out after the second goal.

In hindsight that was the moment when things went wrong because in only laying my qualifying bet amount I was committing myself to the staying in the bet until a second goal came along….. and as we all know, it never arrived.

So in the end I won bugger all, absolutely nothing when an easy 50 quid was just sitting there ready for the taking. To say I have been kicking myself all week would be an understatement, but I deserve it.

There is one slight positive to take out of this though, and that is the tactic of waiting for a good price on Over 2.5 goals in a game where plenty of goals is fairly guaranteed (not a Manchester Derby). If I could time this well – using a free bet obviously – like I did last Monday there could be good returns to be made.

I’m not saying that I will definitely adopt this tactic as it is gambling really, but it is an option that could be used on the odd occasion when there is a good probability of a favourable outcome – and after all, I don’t want to be too rigid in my approach to this method of trading.

As all readers can see, over the past week I have been building up a list of free bets down the right hand side of the website. I have been able to secure some good personal offers especially for Betfree247 and I fully intend to add more to this list, so keep checking back for further updates and more free bets to cash in on.  

Here’s too more risk free profits – and I will definitely be passing the £200 mark this weekend.

There are free bets available with all the bookmakers listed in the column on the right hand side of this website. These can be used to bet free with by customers opening new accounts.

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