Most Seats General Election Odds

Most Seats Betting is betting odds on which party will win the most seats in a General Election. There are 650 seats available in the UK Parliament, and whichever party wins the most of those 650 seats, is the winner of the bet.

Most Seats Betting General Election

Most Seats General Election Betting Odds

At the moment the next general election isn’t due to take place until 2022, under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011. This doesn’t stop the Prime Minister triggering a snap General Election, like Teresa May did back in 2017.

With all the Brexit uncertainty around at the moment, don’t be surprised to see a general election announced anytime soon. In the current climate, anything can happen.

– Conservatives – 8/11
– Labour – Evens
– Any Other Party – 16/1
– Liberal Democrats – 100/1

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To Win Most Seats Betting General Information

The main parties in To Win Most Seats Betting Odds at the General Election are Labour and the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats and Any Other Party (Greens, SNP, etc) make it into the odds compiler’s lists, but none have much realistic chance of winning with the first-past-the-post system used in the UK.

Out of the other parties, the Scottish Nationalists don’t stand in any of the seats contested outside of Scotland, and the same rules apply to the Northern Irish, and Welsh nationalist parties. They only stand in their own respective countries, making it is physically impossible for any of them to win most seats outright.

Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the leader of the winning party in this market will be the next Prime Minister, because this isn’t 100% the case.

If the party who wins the most seats has less than the 326 required to win the General Election outright, they might not be able to form the next government as they could be out voted by a coalition who – combining their total seats – have more seats than the party who actually won the most seats. This means thee coalition would form the next government and select their own Prime Minister.

Although this is a highly unlikely scenario, it isn’t impossible. Our page on Prime Minister After General Election Betting covers this topic in more detail.

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