Theresa May to remain as PM betting

The 2017 General Election is nearly upon us, and Theresa May is odds on in the betting to still be the PM after the dust has settled.

Theresa May To Remain As PM Betting

Currently the Prime Minister, Theresa May is as short as 2/9 to still be in 10 Downing Street this Friday morning.

Is backing her a risk at these short odds? Maybe. Recent history has shown us with the decision to leave the EU, and the election of Donald Trump in America, that it would take a very brave person to back Mrs May at those odds!

There is a good enhanced offer on the table at the moment though, and it’s from Betfair as anybody opening a new Betfair account through this link can get enhanced odds of 4/1 on Theresa May to still be PM after the General Election.

Theresa May and General Election Betting Offers

Theresa May PM Betting
Latest betting on whether Theresa May will still be the PM after the General Election

General Election Betting has become very popular. Due to it’s rarity, some markets can be a bit of an unknown quantity.

A bet on Theresa May to still be Prime Minister after the general election is one of the more easier bets to understand though, because it is as it says on the tin.

By whatever method, if Theresa May is the Prime Minister after the 2017 UK General Election, your bet is a winner. So that could mean she could win a majority, or forms a minority government.

She could even form a coalition and lead that government. As long as she is the Prime Minister after the general election, your bet is a winner.

Free Bets

At Betfree247 we will bring you the best free bets from the top UK and Irish bookmakers. Free Bets are everywhere these days, for both new and existing customers. And with the competition between the online bookmakers so rife, there will be free bets around for some time.

Why is this? You may ask…. And the answer is because everything is online these days, banking, shopping, dating, etc, and betting is as well. So with this in mind, the bookmakers are going to be after our custom. And the best way to grab our attention, is by giving us free bets.

These free bets are available to new customers, and existing customers. The new customer free bet offer is to get us to join the bookmaker. With the existing customer free bets designed to keep us with the bookmaker.

With the online betting market place so crowded, the bookmakers are fighting over our custom, and while they are doing this, we will continue to have free bets.

Two of the most popular free bets markets for existing customers, are on the Cheltenham Festival, and the Grand National.

Cheltenham Free Bets

The Cheltenham Festival takes place every year on roughly the second week in March. Starting on the Tuesday, there is 28 top class horse races across 4 days at the Gloucester course. And with the Cheltenham Festival being one of horse racing’s premier events, there are plenty of free bets.

Cheltenham Free Bets

In general Cheltenham free bets are for existing customers, and they usually come in the form of a refund as a free bet.

There are also plenty of special Cheltenham free bets for new customers. For example a bookmaker might increase their free bets offers across the Cheltenham week. It could be that you get £30.00 in Cheltenham free bets, rather than the standard £20.00 in free bets offer.

Grand National Free Bets

The next big event in horse racing is the world renowned Grand National from Aintree.

Grand National Free Bets can be hard come by. The bookmakers have a habit of pulling them in the week of the big race. This is because the Grand National is traditionally the one race of the year that the non gambling British public will have a bet on. So it makes sense for the bookmakers not to offer Grand National free bets.

Grand National Free Bets
Tiger Roll – winner of the 2018 and 2019 Grand Nationals

It is possible to get Grand National Free Bets though, and timing is the key.

Some free bets last up to 7 days from when you open your account. Find a bookmaker offering a free bet that lasts for 7 days. Then open an account with that bookie the Sunday or Monday before the Grand National.

That way, by the time of the race you will already have a free bet in the bank.

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