The Rise Of Mobile Betting

The rise of mobile gaming is great news for bookmakers and casinos alike, because it virtually ensures that punters and players can place bets anywhere, and at any time.

When online betting first took off, it was great for the gaming industry as it meant we could place a bet on our desktops, rather than popping down the bookies or the local casino. Now it has gone to another level with the ever increasingly popular betting apps, as we can now place bets on our mobile phones or tablets every available minute of the day.

The rise of the betting app ensures we now don’t even have to be sat at our desktop to gamble. We can be at work, lying in bed, relaxing on our sofas, even while on the toilet (although not very hygienic).

So now the competition between bookmakers and casinos has moved onto who can create the most popular betting app, with millions of pounds and man hours been invested across the industry to try and create the best user friendly mobile betting app.

As well as placing bets on your mobile apps, you can even watch live streaming on them. You virtually now get everything via your app, that you would expect to see on the main desktop site.

Not all casinos and bookmakers have apps yet, showing just how difficult, time consuming and expensive they can be to develop. Some bookmakers just have the one app for their Sportsbook, while others have separate apps for their different platforms, like Betway for example, who have separate Betway apps for their Sportsbook, Casino and Vegas.

Popular betting apps from the big name bookies and casinos are available on Android and iOS, meaning you can use them on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung devices, etc, etc. They are generally available from iTunes, or for Android, from the bookmakers sites, or through various information sites that specialise in mobile betting. There is talk of betting apps becoming available in the Google Play store as well, which will make downloading them even easier.

You even get the same welcome bonuses that are available via desktop, and you quite often will find that there are even more perks associated with using your mobile.

Some bookmakers now offer money back specials to app users (and users to their mobile betting sites) only. For example, some bookies who give money back for second place horses only run the offer to mobile users. You will also find the occasional bookmaker offering a decent welcome free bet on desktop, along with a free £5 or £10 bet on your first mobile bet.

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