The Magnificent William Hill Risk Free Offers

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last 10 days, I can assure all that this is certainly not down to having nothing to write about!

I have mentioned it enough times on here before that getting a William Hill account is paramount for anybody who is serious about making risk free money, and last weekend proved this as I dropped in two £100.00 wins on Friday night alone. The weekend before I wasn’t so successful, but I still managed to pick up £20.60 risk free.

Putting the results in order, and on the weekend ending Sunday 20th May, I won a total of £20.60. The breakdown of this was a £7.00 win on the (almost weekly) Live Casino £10.00 risk free offer and a £13.60 win playing ‘Gladiator’ on a Casino £5.00 risk free offer.

I can’t find a screenshot for the £7.00 Casino win, I must have forgot to take one. I do though have a screenshot showing the £13.60 win from Gladiator….

The win was actually for £18.60 but this was with the final spin of my risk free £5, so I walked away at that point £13.60 up.

Onto the weekend ending Sunday £27th May and I had a couple of great wins. First I won playing Tennis Stars on a Casino £7.00 risk free offer, the screenshot below shows when I won £108.00, but I was already about £25 up when I dropped this win. I then lost a few quid as by this stage I was feeling lucky, in the end I exited the game with a profit of £113.00.

I then moved onto the £10.00 risk free Vegas promotion. I decided to play Harry Trotter and as I was nearing the end of my risk free £10.00 up popped the flashing sign saying ‘Big Win’ – and there it was, a £100.00 win. When I seen the ‘Big Win’ sign I was a bit hopeful and sceptical at the same time as I can imagine a bookie’s interpretation of a big win being something like £10.00 or £20.00, so naturally I was delighted to see the £100.00 drop.

Again I was feeling quite lucky, so again I played a few more spins than I should have and this time I made do with a profit of £75.40.

The total profit from the two weekends amounted to £209.00 and was all earned playing the very generous William Hill offers. This now takes the total amount of Risk Free Money in the pot up to £550.18.

*When looking at the screenshot’s please bear in mind that the Balances shown will vary and be inconsistent due to withdrawals and the fact that they are different accounts, ie, Casino, Sportsbook etc.

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