Paddy Power Phone Account Profits

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, this is the first of two decent earners I made during the Euro’s that I need to update the site with.

To start with, going back to the Sweden V England group game on 15/06/12, I made a nice return using Paddy Power’s enhanced price offer on England for all new phone accounts.

England were on offer at 100/30 (compared to the general price of around 5/4) to anyone opening a new phone account, at the same time they were available to lay for between 2.4 and 2.5 on Betfair.

The maximum bet you could place (with Paddy Power) was £100, so we (my Missus) phoned up and opened a new phone account and placed £100 on England at 100/30, guaranteeing a return (from Paddy) of £433.33.

I then went on Betfair and layed England at 2.46 for £180. This left me with a red of £262.80 on England, and a green on Sweden or the Draw of £171 after commission. This meant that my total outlay for the bet was £363.80, and I was guaranteed a minimum return of £433.33 before a ball was even kicked – no matter what happened in the match.

Breaking that down, this meant that had England not won, I would have lost my £100 stake with Paddy (by the way, the Paddy Power free bet is for £50), but I would have won £171 on Betfair, giving me a return of £71.

Or if England won (which they obviously did), I got £433.33 from Paddy Power, £100 stake back + £333.33 winnings, and I lost £262.80 on Betfair – leaving me with an overall profit of £70.53.

This takes the over all free easy money profits pot up to £652.05

I have noticed on Twitter that Paddy Power sometimes do offers like this through their Facebook page for existing (I think) customers, so it could be something worth keeping an eye on.

There are free bets available with all the bookmakers listed in the column on the right hand side of this website. These can be used to bet free with by customers opening new accounts.

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