No Deposit Needed For Coral’s Correct 4 Offer

The way bookmakers try and entice new customers to join them is constantly evolving. We are now seeing ‘No Deposit Free Bets’ become more popular, as bookmakers try to find new ways to attract customers.

There are various types of sign up offers provided by differing bookmakers. The free matched bet is the most popular.

The free matched bet is when new customers get an offer like ‘Bet £5, and Get £20’ (for example). Here you get the £20 in free bets, no matter what the outcome of your qualifying bet – win or lose.

Another variation is the ‘risk free bet’ offer for new customers. The risk free bet is where new customers get a free bet, but only if their first bet loses.

Now these days, we see the ‘no deposit free bets’ becoming increasingly more popular. At the moment you can claim over £100 in no deposit bonuses on this list of no deposit free bets alone.

And it’s not just for new customers, these offers are becoming increasingly frequent for existing customers.

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Have You Heard Of Coral’s Correct 4 Offer?

Well if you haven’t, you need to look into it. This offer is currently running for existing customers every weekend. It is a chance to have a free bet, or win free money, with absolutely no risk to your finances at all.

Coral Correct 4 No Deposit Offer

You can even do this offer without any money in your account. All you need to do is answer 4 questions before a particular football match (specified by Coral).

Granted, they’re not easy questions, in fact they are more predictions, than questions. Ahead of last week’s Norwich V Liverpool match, these are examples of the sort of predictions I needed to make….

Q1) What will be the match outcome, with options like  a) Norwich win or draw….. b) Liverpool to win by 1 goal…. c) is for Liverpool to win by 2 goals………. or d) Liverpool to win by 3 or more goals.

Q2) The match to have one off, a) 7-9 Corners…… b) 10 or 11 Corners ……. c) 12 or 13 Corners……… d) 14 Corners or more…

Q3) Yellow or Red Cards to be received, a) 0-1 Cards….. b) 2 Cards exactly……….. c) either 3 or 4 Cards to be shown…… d) 5 Cards or more to be shown.

Q4) Total amount of attempts on goal, a) Zero to 4 shots………… b) 5-8 shots on target……….. c) 9-12 attempts on target………. or d) 13 or more efforts at goal.

It is difficult to get them all correct. But if you get 2 out of 4, you will get a £1 free bet. Getting 3 out of 4 will see you receive a free bet of £2. While if you get all 4 correct, you receive £50 in cash.

With there being no risk attached, it is a simple choice to choose to play.

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