Is It Possible to Bet for Free

A question I have often asked myself, is it possible to bet for free. On our ‘free bets‘ page I go into brief detail about how I use free bets to build myself a betting bank, and how I top my betting bank up by using any new offers I come across.

Is it possible to bet for free?

I do believe it is possible to bet for free for many years to come, and on this page I’m going to tell you why I believe this.

Why I think it’s possible to bet for free

The simple answer is, because there is just that many free bets and risk free offers out there at the moment – and I honestly do believe theses free bet offers are here to stay.

You can start off with as little as £25.00 and build yourself a betting bank of over a thousand pounds fairly easily. We do this by cashing in free bets using the matched betting method.

As well as using online bookmakers, we can cash out free casino bonuses, or take advantage of free casino spins, and bingo offers. There are simply loads of different ways of extracting free cash to bet with instead of using our own hard earned cash.

You may ask… Won’t these offers run out though?

I don’t believe they will, and there is a couple of reasons for this. First, new bookmakers, casinos, bingo sites, etc, are opening up all of the time. When they open, what do they do? They offer us a deal.

Second, once we have signed up with them, they will need to keep offering us little incentives to keep us with them.

Existing Customer Offers

The days of a bookmaker just keeping your business are long gone, as there are just that many bookmakers out there fighting for our custom. This means they have to keep on giving us offers to keep us.

Look at William Hill for example. They now offer a ‘cash out’ option on their site, this is where you can cash in a football bet before the end of the match if your team is winning – and this is as a direct result of the Betting Exchange.

They also a refund on certain football markets if a game finishes 0-0, and a refund if one teams lets you down in a football accumulator that has 6 or more teams in it.

This didn’t happen in the bad old days, in my youth, you got nothing back from a bookmaker. These days they have to offer us loads of incentives just to keep us. This is why I believe these offers won’t run out any time soon.

Over the course of time I have also come to believe that betting is like most things financial in life, by that I mean it’s a case of us having to be more savvy.

Don’t Be Reckless Whilst Betting

The manner in which we part with our cash says a lot about us, some of us are reckless, some are cautious, while some are down right meticulous and hardly part with a penny without being sure it’s value for money – why should we be any different with our betting?

Being reckless while gambling is dangerous and what the bookies rely on. This is why it pays to be savvy, and why it pays to use the offers that are available to us, to our own advantage.

We need to stop being reckless and gifting bookies our money. We need to be more cute and start using all these offers to our own advantage. Such as by using bookmakers free bets for matched betting, use free spins at casinos. Then walk away and wait until they offer us another one.

It is possible that by doing that, we might find our account could be closed or limited, but that’s a better state of affairs to be in than losing money hand over fist to a bookie or casino.

There are currently offers galore from Sportsbooks, Casinos and Bingo websites, just keep cashing them in and you will make plenty of money for the foreseeable future. Profit Maximiser is a subscription service, but it does show you in great depth just how to do this, with some members reporting thousands in profits.

Where to Bet for Free

Most bookmakers offer online free bets or welcome bonuses to new customers. Here at Betfree247 we have a selection of free bets from reputable online bookmakers, just waiting to be claimed.

At the moment there are hundreds of pounds of online free bets out there. Simply click on the bookmakers link and open a new account, in order to claim the free bet offer.

The majority of the bookmakers offering free bets on this website are UK and Irish household names. They are reputable, and tried and tested. We’re extremely confident that they offer the best online free bets currently available, and that you can be sure you are betting with a trusted source.

Don’t forget gambling can be risky. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before placing any bets.  It’s important to ensure that you fully understand what you are doing before parting with any cash.

You have to be 18+ to use this website. Also, please Be Gamble Aware, and if betting is becoming a problem, make sure you get professional help.

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