Are Casino new customer offers better value than Sportsbook offers?

When you are opening a new account with a bookmaker or a casino, it is well worth your while checking out which looks to be the best value new customer offers.

For example, nearly every decent bookmakers (sportsbook) has a casino, and a lot of specialist casino sites now have sportsbooks. Most of these multi platform websites operate one login, in other words, your casino login works for your sportsbook, and vice-versa.

As a result, when you join one of these websites, you will have the option of claiming a casino new customers offer, or the sportsbook new customers offer. Unfortunately, you can’t claim both of these offers, it will be one or the other. As a result, you need to look and see which looks the best value offer.

In my experience it is generally the case that the casino new customers offer, far outweigh the sportsbook new customer offers. The TheCasinoDB Sports Betting website also has plenty of both of these types of offers, allowing you to compare the two.

In the event of a bookmaker with a casino, the sportsbook sign up offer will be competitive, but might not be as attractive as the casino offer. For example, the sportsbook offer might be a £30.00 free bet, while their casino new sign up offer could be something like 200 free spins, and a £200.00 Welcome Bonus – in this instance, you might decide the casino new customers offer is the better value.

While when a specialist casino opens a sportbook, it is almost a nailed on certainty that the casino sign up offer will beat the sportsbook promotion hands down.

The Changing Face Of Casino New Customer Offers

Casino new customer offers appear to be changing these days. A few years back when I first started opening accounts, it was generally just a straight forward deposit bonus, with roll over requirements that had to be met.

These days there are now different methods used for opening accounts. For example, you can now sign up with free spins on slots, or no deposit needed, or the good old fashioned deposit bonus, or a combination of the three.

Free spins on slots seems to be a very popular one, where you can now find offers with up to 200 free spins on slots, along with a sizable deposit bonus. One casino is currently offering a £400 deposit bonus, along with 200 free spins.

The no deposit needed offers are an interesting new concept. They are generally nominal amounts of £5, or £10, and there can be a maximum win payout amount. This sort of new customers offer isn’t for everyone (people looking for the big win), but they do offer another decent sign up option.

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